Invention Machine Goldfire

Invention Machine Goldfire is powerful innovation software that brings efficiency, uniformity and repeatability to innovation processes across the product lifecycle.

Goldfire drives sustainable innovation by empowering global organizations to fuel product pipelines with market-winning products, consistently and rapidly.

Designed with engineers, scientists, and researchers in mind, Goldfire automates the most common innovation tasks and gives innovation workers unprecedented access to the knowledge they need in order to solve problems, generate solutions and seize market opportunities.

From identifying a new market to developing a new product to improving existing products and processes, Goldfire provides a repeatable process for rapidly and consistently translating ideas into market-leading products.

Invention Machine Goldfire software combines proven innovation workflows and collaboration capabilities with precise access to corporate and external knowledge. Goldfire knowledge-enables innovators across the organization to deliver the right products the first time, fueling product pipelines and ultimately boosting revenue and marketshare.

Fusing proven ideation and problem-solving methodologies with precise access to corporate and external knowledge, Goldfire enables innovation workers to more efficiently and effectively:

Goldfire automates and supports innovation tasks using three core capabilities:

The integration of these capabilities has created the world's first and only true platform for sustainable innovation.